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15 May

How to buy a car and import from the UK to Namibia

Buying a car has never been easy, once you have decided on the make, model, year, colour etc of your vehicle you need to  search  and send us the link of the car you want.

A purchase with no compromise, no risk, no wasted trips to the UK and still get the exact car you want

We offer a completely positive purchasing experience where you benefit from our wealth of knowledge, and our total dedication to our clients not just at the point of purchase but a complete after sales service.

Our passion for cars, an absolute appreciation of quality and the sheer determination to make a difference that will ensure that our clients keep coming back time after time.

Please note that in requesting us to find your car it is important that you provide a realistic budget for us to work within. Our service is intended for those who do not have either the inclination, time and money, or simply wish to avoid the pitfalls associated with travelling to the UK to try and find or buy a car.

Having located a suitable car and discussed the details with you after receiving cleared payment, we conduct, on your behalf, a thorough physical examination including all necessary background checks, to ensure the car is issue free prior to purchasing it for you.

Once you complete the order form we will issue you with your own unique details which will allow us to communicate directly with you, keeping you up to date with our progress.


Steps to buying a car using UK2Namibia

  • Search autotrader uk to get a "realistic" guide price
  • Decide on the car you want and send us the link by email
  • We will notify you of all costs in the UK including shipping to Walvis bay
  • We will provide you with our payment details once you are happy to go ahead
  • Upon receipt of cleared funds, we we will buy and ship the car on the next available ship
  • You leave us a valuable feedback / testimonial on our website
  • You do your own clearing in Namibia or consult a clearing agent


Please take a moment to complete the "find me a car form" below or contact us

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